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16-0-8 + Escalade®


Available in USA


25% NS-54 + 1.14% Escalade

  • This product is a premium grade herbicide and turf food combination which controls a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds while provid-ing both fast and long feeding action.
  • Contains the esters of 2,4-D and Fluroxypyr with Dicamba acid
  • Weeds contacted by this product gradually die and disappear from the lawn.
  • This formulation contains a low-volatile ester; however, use with caution around or near susceptible crops or desirable plant species, especially in weather above 85 degrees


Category Fertilizer + Post-Emergent Herbicide
Markets Golf, Lawn & Landscape, Sports Fields
Application / Areas of Use Golf Courses, Sports Turf, Residential Lawns, Commercial Lawns
Technologies --
States Registered
Registration Number
Density (lbs/ft3) 52.4
Package Wt. 40 lbs
Bag/Pallet 50
SGN Size 150
Type Granular
Nitrogen Source Urea, NS-54
Slow-Release N (%) 25
Active Ingredient Fluroxypyr - 0.206%
Dicamba - 0.072%
2,4-D - 0.865%
product bag
Packaging may differ and is subject to change.
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