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23-3-5 Fert + Fungicide VIII


Available in USA

A+ Rewards Product!


2.05% Thiophanate + 1.02% Iprodione

  • Broad spectrum fungicide
  • Combines two synergistic active ingredients that provide both fast-acting and sustained disease control by utilizing both foliage activity and root uptake of the active ingredients
  • Controls brown patch, dollar spot, red thread, pink snow mold (Microdochium nivale), leaf spot/melting out, anthracnose
  • Controlled release nitrogen


Category Fertilizer + Fungicide
Markets Golf, Sports Fields
Application / Areas of Use Golf Courses, Sports Turf
Technologies --
States Registered
Registration Number
Density (lbs/ft3) 48.5
Package Wt. 40 lbs
Bag/Pallet 40
SGN Size 100
Type Granular
Nitrogen Source Urea, MUtech
Slow-Release N (%) 55
Active Ingredient Thiophanate-Methyl - 2.05%, Iprodione - 1.02%
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